From the Inside-Out

Merging Vision and Vitality

Nasha L. Barnes enables people and businesses to Emerge-In-See their visions verbally, visually, valuably, and vibrantly! She transcends, motivates and elevates them to expand their vision beyond boundaries… embrace an achievers mindset… discover a world of opportunities… and move to a level higher than imaginable!
Emerge Your Gift

The biggest gift you can give the world is the one inside of you. Today, Nasha and her team are asking you to bring that gift, talent or vision to life. We can help you connect your gift to the pulse that moves you, and we’ll show you how to flow in it, so that you can maximize and elevate your reach so the world can benefit from you.

Our gift is to help you or your team gain clarity in your vision and message, so that what you present to the world makes the right connection from the inside-out. Bottom line, we align the spark of your gift’s purpose verbally, visually, valuably, and vibrantly!

Whether you’re a corporation, institution, aspiring or growing entrepreneur, career changer or next generation leader, we help you to emerge your gifts and see your visions come alive.

Let us help you today!

Emerge-In-See is the answer

1. Who We Are

Nasha L. Barnes is the Owner and CEO of Aim Higher Enterprises, which is a diversified higher-level performance strategy company that specializes in vision elevation, continuous growth strategies, life enhancement, and coaching solutions for customers worldwide.

Emerge-In-See is the vision elevation segment of Aim Higher Enterprises that delivers vibrant experiential coaching, contracting, events and engaging products across multiple categories for individuals and corporations. Nasha’s vision is to help transform her customer’s inward-value to an outward expression; bringing visions alive.

2. What We do

The Emerge-In-See brand specializes in Illuminating visions. Additionally, Nasha delivers dynamic speaking and introspective development programs.

Nasha and her team are EXPERTS at connecting individuals and businesses to their core, while transforming their inward-value to an outward expression through coaching and experiential empowerment events.

3. Who Comes To Us

Anyone from aspiring leaders to C-Suite Leaders seeking to be pushed out of their comfort zone and into levels beyond their imagination.

Nasha is one of the leading experts on propelling people to places and positions exponentially.

Boot Up!

Make That Change Boot camp™ - Reposition and Upgrade YOU!

Nothing stops a person on mission from seeing their vision through. Whether it’s your mindset, attitude, behaviors or plan that needs adjusting – our achievers boot camp will help you master and conquer it.