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The Woman Behind Emerge-In-See

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Nasha Barnes is the living pulse behind the Emerge-In-See brand. She’s a woman who embodies the mindset and choice to “live by your revelation and not your situation.” She is a game changer, conqueror, and social entrepreneur, who is constantly thinking outside the proverbial box—extraordinarily beyond average. From early on, Nasha has been noted for being compassionate, outspoken, a creative thinker, leader, and trendsetter. Hence, Emerge-In-See was created to fulfill the dream that she’s had since she was a little girl.

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Nasha Barnes was the eldest of three. While growing up in a loving home, she and her family faced many challenges. At a very young age, she became a witness to the effects that diseases can play on the bodies and minds of her family. Her beloved father suffered from diabetes from a young age. Nasha became one of his caretakers and, from this experience, understood that living life to your fullest implied a different meaning and outlook for us all. The disease took her father’s life when Nasha was fifteen. By the age of seventeen, Nasha was responsible for the well-being of her two younger siblings and her mentally-ill mother.  Losing her father and caring for her mother started the fire that blazes inside Nasha. She realized that she wanted to help others. The only question was how.

In high school, Nasha had been an overachiever, an exemplary student. After graduating from high school, Nasha attended Syracuse University on a scholarship. College, however, was a wake-up call and an unexpected eye opener. Nasha struggled in college, and she didn’t know how to deal with this difficulty. The loss of her father, the declining mental health of her mother, and now the new pressures of peak educational performance all played in the back of Nasha’s mind. Sadly, she didn’t know who to talk to about the struggles she was facing. She didn’t even know how to begin the discussion. Nasha finally realized that college was an escape from her impeding home challenges, but  the future she desired was not at the forefront of her focus. Because of this, Nasha left college, but this was only a setup for a comeback. Where most people would have felt that their lives were over, Nasha was able to re-purpose. She entered the workforce.

Her first job was with a leading federal health-care provider. She quickly moved up the ranks, climbing from one division to the next over thirteen years. It was during these monumental years that Nasha knew even greater was in store for her, yet she still had a burning desire to complete her college education.

As a true mover and a shaker, Nasha knew that she always had to take her heart’s calling into consideration when seeking to propel her career. Even though she didn’t know what her next career would be, Nasha knew she had to begin to live the vision—literally, so she dressed the part and reinvented herself, and soon she was an international project manager, then a marketing and tradeshow events specialist for a major medical device company. She was able to travel the world, and she truly loved her job. Her blessing came in disguise when the company downsized and eliminated her position, re-positioning her for a WORLD of open opportunities. What could have been a challenge immediately turned into an exploratory season, and, by embracing her creative writing and leadership ability, Nasha went back to Syracuse University to complete her master’s degree.

Following this season, Nasha knew that she had to become an entrepreneur. By creating her own business, Nasha would be more in alignment with her desired destination, and she would now be able to help people directly, just as she had realized when she was a young girl.

Within a short amount of time, Nasha had created Aim Higher Enterprises. Then, she created Girls Aim Higher and Leading Women Up. This was followed by the publication of her first book, Worth 6 Digits and More: The Change before the Dollars.  Nasha’s dream of helping people in need of visionary direction had come true and now she fulfills her life’s purpose of assisting others to find outlets to their current situations—she offers vision and the willingness to dream beyond existing boundaries.

As a social entrepreneur, Nasha is able to combine her abilities to encourage others, nurture others, and care for others. She strives to help people get over the hump and past the barriers to get to their core vision. Nasha believes that, if she can assist people (whether individuals or corporate entities) get past their obstacles, then they can emerge, thrive, and live out their dreams.

Emerge-In-See seeks to continue and expand what has already been beneath Aim Higher Enterprises. Nasha has already lent her vision and expertise to many different levels: individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions. Emerge-In-See allows Nasha Barnes to continue doing what she’s been called to do, what she loves to do—help others succeed.