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set the bar higher, and achieve more extraordinarily.

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Connecting you to your core, emerging your presence, and
maximizing your vibe…


Without connecting your CORE to your vision and your vision to your focus – the heartbeat beneath your journey goes quiet.


When your enthusiasm meets your thoughts, and your thoughts meet your words, then your words are enabled to meet your actions.

Committed Action

The moment you concentrate more on bringing your inward-value to the forefront, then the way you see the world and your position in it, will change invaluably.

Achievable Success

Now more than ever it’s vital to switch gears, revitalize your pulse and seize the place that was intentionally created for you to thrive!

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Nasha's Mindful Thoughts

Keep Moving.

January 19, 2015
Remembering Greatness In honor of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   In celebration of a...


January 11, 2015
Focus PERIOD. The emerge-in-see message on my heart today can be shared in one word: FOCUS....

Decisions. Decisions.

January 4, 2015
As you enter your week, I want to present to you something to think about....
What Clients Say
  • “I had an Awesome time today. Thank you for sharing what a vision looks like when you Think it, Say it and put it into Action!!! Thank you Nasha Barnes! “
    Desiree Odom - Reiki Master/Instructor and Certified Holistic Health Coach -
  • “I really had an awesome time. I cannot get out of my head what the statement “VISION WITHOUT BOUNDARIES” says in my mind. The event was really informative, such a relaxed environment where no question was wrong. We were all there with a purpose in mind, “How can we move beyond our own personal boundaries?” Powerful, powerful, powerful networking. I am so glad I came. Let me not forget the Men’s Panel. It was a great offset for the afternoon, and knowing how they feel about us coming together to become stronger women in the workforce, and as entrepreneurs gave me more initiative to move forward. Nasha, thanks so much for that.”
    Trinisa M. Pitts - Author, Motivational and Spiritual Empowerment speaker -
  • “Absolutely Excellent!! Nasha has a story that relates to the youth we serve. She nailed it!! Especially, when she talked about how decisions you make when you’re young can affect you when you’re an adult. Her insight is amazing! She said, “Don’t wait to pursue your dreams and don’t let your environment define who you are.” She brought it all to light – You can define your future!”
    Sharon Cole - Syracuse University Human Resources Division